February Gift Ideas | February Gift Guide

Find extra special February Gift Ideas for friends and families this month. February is the month of love and what’s better than showing someone you love them than sending an unusual growing gift and one that can be cherished for life.

The best February Birthday Gift Ideas are ones that stand out and are perfect for the person who already has everything.

February Birthday Gift Ideas


Bramley Apple Tree Gift



Bramley Apples on a TreeSend February's tree of the month as a unique birthday gift. The Bramley apple tree makes a great gift for someone who loves baking! When we think of Bramley apples, delicious pies and crumbles come to mind. The tart flavour of the fruit makes it perfect to bake with and once it’s cooked it has a wonderfully, fluffy texture.


Bramley is a classically British apple and it is celebrated in the UK during Bramley apple week which falls between the 6th - 12th February. The tree first emerged completely by accident when a young girl planted some apple pips in her back garden in Nottinghamshire in 1809.


As the tree is still dormant it’s a great time to get it in the ground or planted it in a pot. As our Bramley Apple Trees are grafted onto an M27 rootstock this means they only grow to a maximum of 6ft making it a great fruit tree for a smaller garden and growing in containers. Each autumn they’ll be a delicious crop of apples ready for the picking.


Delivery Tip: Bramley apple trees are slightly larger trees and can be delivered straight to the recipient on their special day ready to be planted for the spring.


Love in a Bag



Love in a BagOur seed bags make just as much of an impact as all of our trees. The Love in a Bag is an eco-friendly way to say those 3 little words and also makes a great little extra to add in with many other gifts. A great option to send in February as our seed bags arrive in nice quirky packaging meaning they look great all year round. They can be stored in a cool, dark area until they’re ready for scattering around March / April time.

Delivered in a hessian bag with a nice pretty colourful label, these seeds will transform the garden with a vibrant wash of pink and red wildflowers. Sow the seeds of love and watch as Fields Poppies and Corn Cockles start to grow in their place.


Show how much you love someone on their birthday with an everlasting bunch of flowers! The 10g bag of seeds can be easily scattered across the garden and will cover 10 square meters. Then all that needs to be done is to sit back and watch as they come back year after year through the summer months just like an everlasting bunch of flowers.


Crab Apple Tree Gift



Crab Apple Sapling in a Jute BagOur gift guide for the month of love had to include our Crab Apple Tree Gift also known as the “Tree of Love”. It’s a small apple tree native to the UK. In the spring it will be filled with a fragrant abundance of pink and white blossom. Over the summer the blossom will transform into a decorative crop of fruit that’s ready for picking in the autumn. This sapling is great for smaller sized gardens and requires little maintenance once it’s established.


While you don’t want to go eating the apples straight from the tree, they can be transformed into delicious crab apple jelly making this a great gift for someone who loves cooking. Not only is this popular to send for birthdays, but it’s also a well-received gift for anniversaries and weddings in January.

The tree is supplied 40-60cm in height, gift wrapped in a bag and packed into a specially designed box. Add your choice of greetings card with a personal message and have it delivered to a friend or family member as an eco-friendly gift that will last for many years to come.


Delivery tip: Our native tree saplings are still dormant at this time in the year however it’s perfect to be delivered straight to the recipient and will burst to life in 4-5 weeks.


Twisted Olive Tree Gift



Twisted Olive Tree on a PorchThe olive tree is one that is steeped in mythology and folklore, they are an ancient symbol of peace, hope and friendship. Our Twisted Olive Tree Gift is an evergreen delight, it looks beautiful in the month of February and will add a shimmering green to the garden whilst everything is still bare.


Olive trees are known to last for thousands of years and the oldest one is believed to be up to 3,000 years old, now that’s a unique and long-lasting birthday gift! This tree is compact and slow-growing making it the perfect addition to a smaller garden or decking and as they require little maintenance and just a little extra care in the winter they are ideal for a person of any level gardening skill. Once placed in a sunny spot in the garden the olive tree will thrive for years to come.


The stem of the tree has been hand turned to create the individual spiral shape and would look stunning planted in a contemporary style plant pot. Olives are a superfood and full of powerful antioxidants, send this tree to someone who loves Mediterranean style food like Tapas and they can grow their own olives in their back garden.


Delivery Tip: Once delivered this tree can be unpacked and placed straight out in the garden, be mindful of any late frosts that may approach and let the recipient know to place in a sheltered spot until spring.


I Love You Bean and Mug Gift Set



I Love You Bean and Mug Gift SetWhile everyone’s feeling loved up around Valentine’s Day why not send this unusual bean and mug gift set to someone you love on their birthday in February.


The bean seed is laser engraved and can be planted in the mug with the sachet of vermiculite. Once the bean starts to grow it will sometimes bring up the shell of the seed and reveal the lovely message once again.


If you’ve been looking for an unusual and different way to say “I Love You” then this is it. This is the perfect gift for someone who might not have a garden or live in an apartment. They can grow their very own beanstalk that might just talk.


Delivery Tip: The beans can be planted as soon as it is received. It will begin to grow after around a week and can be moved outside throughout the summer to grow even bigger.


Rowan Tree Gift



Rowan Tree SaplingThe lovely little rowan tree makes up the second month in the Celtic tree calendar and rules between the dates of January 21st - February 17th. It’s sometimes known as the “Lady of the Mountains” as it likes to take root at higher elevations, however, it will thrive in any UK garden. It’s a smaller tree compared to other UK natives with pinnate leaves, small white blossoms and bright red berries.


It’s a popular tree in Scotland and is often planted near homes as a symbol of protection. It’s thought to have deep connections with the psyche and the ancient Celts believed that it could increase the psychic ability a person may have.


Our native saplings are still dormant for the winter but will be bursting to life in 4-5 weeks. It can be planted in a large pot until it’s ready to be transplanted out in the garden. Send someone their very own Birthday Zodiac Tree for February.

Delivery Tip: Our Rowan saplings are still dormant from the winter but will be springing to life very soon. Get it delivered straight to the recipient ready for them to plant straight away.