Top 5 Fathers Day Gift Ideas for 2019

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Father's Day Gift Ideas

With Father’s Day looming around the corner, what better than a blog post with a low down of our top 5 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for 2019? Forget your usual run of the mill gift this Father’s Day and send something memorable that will be cherished by dad for many years.

(While we might be a little biased) We think that trees and plants make the best Father’s Day Gifts! Whether your dad loves spending time in the garden or is the least green-fingered person you know we think that there’s just something so meaningful about getting a tree or plant on Father’s day that makes it extra special.


Top Father's Day Gifts for 2019

Find the most unique and eco-friendly Father’s Day gifts that can be delivered right to his door just before the big day. Our Unique Father’s Day Gifts are guaranteed to make dad beam with happiness for many years to come.


Top Father’s Day Gift Idea no. 1

The Oak Tree Gift



Oak Tree Gift: This UK grown oak sapling will make your dad grin from ear to ear. Known as the “Father of the Woods”, the oak tree is large in size and stature and is seen as the protector of the forest

This UK grown Tree will make your dad smile. The Oak Tree is often known as the ‘Father of the Woods’ and is seen as the protector of the forest. Oak trees are beautiful but will grow rather large eventually so make sure you plant one in a suitable area.

The sapling will arrive 30-50cm in height, gift wrapped in a small hessian bag with a native tree care guide included. The sapling can be put out in the garden straight away, ready for planting. A large pot will be perfect to accommodate the growth over the next 10 years.


We have plenty more Father's Day Trees that are ideal to send as a gift to dad so there's something for every type of dad out there.


Top Father’s Day Gift Idea no. 2

The Orange Tree Gift



Orange Tree Gift: If you fancy something a little smaller than the mighty Oak and a bit more fruity, then the orange tree would make an excellent gift for father’s day. This citrus tree will produce beautifully scented blossom and orange fruit up to four times a year... great for a cheeky cocktail or a refreshing glass of juice.

Our Orange Tree Gift will arrive in a 5L pot that is all wrapped up just like a gift should be. On arrival, it can be taken from the box and placed in a bright, sunny conservatory, hallway or porch, away from any central heating. Citrus varieties require a little more care than other trees but it’s nothing that a dad can’t handle.


Top Father’s Day Gift Idea no. 3

The Sunshine in a Bag



Sunshine in a Bag: Brighten up his day - our Sunshine in a Bag seed gift is packed full of bright yellow, high-quality native wildflower seeds. They can be sown across the garden covering an area of 10sq m and they can be planted throughout the autumn.

Just like the roses, these wildflowers will provide the garden with an everlasting bunch of flowers. These are a fantastic gift idea if your dad isn’t that talented in the gardening department and doesn’t have a lot of space around the garden. Beautiful, compact and easy to look after? What more could you want this Father’s day?


Top Father’s Day Gift Idea no. 4

The Grape Vine Gift



White Grapevine Gift: If you ask us, we think that grapevines are a great gift for Father’s Day! The Lakemont variety produces white grapes that are deliciously sweet. They are popular variety within winemaking so dad can try his hand and make his own.

A small climbing plant delivered in a 3L pot. This compact fruity gift won’t take up too much space or time. Planted on a south-facing wall against a frame or trellis and the vine will thrive.

Want to send a plant but still not sure? We have a whole range of Father’s Day Plants to choose from, go and check them out and you’re sure to find just what you need!


Top Father’s Day Gift Idea no. 5

The Falstaff Apple Tree Gift



Falstaff Apple Tree: The Falstaff is a brilliant apple variety; sweet enough to eat and a very heavy cropper. This apple tree is bound to please and would make a top gift for a dad. The apples start to ripen from September and if stored correctly can last all the way till January!

This apple tree will be delivered in a 10L and will grow to a height of around 6ft. This is a wonderful fruit tree for smaller gardens. It doesn’t grow too large and can even be grown in a container. Falstaff is a self-fertile variety. This is great news for people who only have room for the one apple tree. With only the one tree dad will still be guaranteed an abundance of fruit year after year.


Every dad deserves a gift that is just as special as he is, whether that is a tree, a plant or one of our Father’s Day Roses. All of our gifts are of guaranteed quality, lasting for years and bringing a lifetime of enjoyment in the garden.


Can’t quite find what you’re looking? Get in touch! We’re always happy to help! We deliver our unique gifts nationwide and offer a next day delivery service from Monday to Thursday.

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