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We know it can be a little confusing deciphering what plants will actually be looking beautiful at Christmas time, as the vast majority of deciduous plants and trees will be in dormancy, waiting out the worst of the weather.

If that sounds like you, then this Christmas gift guide might help. If you are looking for Christmas plants by post with immediate impact, look no further.

For some people, buying a deciduous plant as a gift for Christmas is a no brainer, especially if they have a specific tree in mind or are anticipating summer flowers or autumn fruit. But for others, it is essential that Christmas plants and trees sent as gifts are looking good on arrival. Our Indoor Plants are the perfect gifts to give this Christmas. These evergreen wonders look lush all-year-round, livening up interior spaces with natural beauty. 

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Send Christmas Plants by Post UK


Swiss Cheese Plant Gift


Large Swiss Cheese Plant

Buy a large Swiss Cheese Plant to liven up a loved one’s home over Christmas. This indoor plant features large, lush leaves with holes and perforations quite like Swiss cheese. It offers the perfect blend of tropical and contemporary style and even arrives in a trendy pot and waterproof plant bag for easy display. 

This plant happily cleans the air of toxins, reducing the risk of headaches, illness, and fatigue - letting friends and family focus on having a lovely Christmas. 


Yuletide Camellia Gift


Yuletide Camellia Plant

Our Yuletide Camellia Gift is a wonderful winter-flowering bush. Every November, fiery red flowers with bright yellow centres bloom in abundance, bringing life, colour, and fragrance to the garden during bleak winter months. This spectacle lasts until April when it sheds its flowers but keeps its lush evergreen leaves. 

This festive plant gift is delivered gift-wrapped in a gorgeous hessian bag with a festive red ribbon. 

Loved ones will cherish this gift for many Christmases to come. 


Orange Tree Gift


Orange Tree Gift

Keep the tradition of putting an orange in a stocking alive with our Orange Tree Gift. Customers treasure this citrus tree for the year-round beauty of its evergreen leaves 

It can grow sweet-scented blossom and succulent oranges in any season and up to 4 times a year. The feeling of picking homegrown oranges for slicing, squeezing, and juicing in so simple but so satisfying. 


Rubber Plant Gift


Rubber Plant Gift

Our Rubber Plant Gift is an absolute treat to give and receive for Christmas. It is small in size and features glossy green leaves with rounded edges. It is a symbol of abundance, happiness, and wealth, the perfect sentiments for the occasion. 

This gift looks after its owner as much as the owner looks after the plant - it happily cleans the air you breathe, reducing the risk of headaches, illness, and fatigue. 

It arrives in a trendy pot and a waterproof plant bag for easy display. 

Christmas Olive Tree


Christmas Olive Tree Gift

For a gift that is both culinary, festive, and ornamental, choose our Christmas Olive Tree. This piece of the Mediterranean has a slender trunk topped with a ball of silver-green leaves that last all-year-round. 

Fragrant blossom arrives every spring followed by olives in the summer. The olives are ripe and ready to be picked in August and are delicious after being cured. 

Oh, and Olive Trees are symbols of peace, the perfect sentiment for a Christmas with friends and family. 

This Olive Tree will arrive in a pot and gift-wrapped in a hessian bag with a festive red ribbon. 


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