7 Best Christmas Gifts for Gardeners

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Know someone with green thumbs that you need to buy for this Christmas but you don't know what to get them? Check out our 7 best Christmas Gifts for Gardeners for amazing gift ideas this Christmas.


Gardening Gift Ideas for Christmas

From trees and plants to tools and clothes - you'll find something perfect for any gardener in your life.


A Christmas Sapling


Nordman Fir Sapling

Our native saplings are a hit all year round but while the deciduous ones look a little bare over winter we have some lovely, little evergreen varieties for a long-lasting, thoughtful Christmas gift.

The Holly Sapling has such a Christmassy feel to it and its just so cute. Any gardener would be delighted to receive this.

We also have some Norway spruce and Nordmann Fir saplings, it's just like sending a mini Christmas tree, and, you never know, once the saplings have been nurtured and grown they become the star of the show one Christmas.


A Unique Tree

Oak Truffle Tree Sapling

While both our truffle trees might just look like your regular oak or hazel tree on the outside, it's their roots that are special. They have been inoculated with truffle spores so after a few years the trees will start producing the delicious rare truffles. Although these trees might look a little bear over winter this is, in fact, a great time for planting.

If they're a keen gardener there's a high possibility that they already have a lot of trees and plants in the garden. Step it up a bit and choose something more unique, something they may have never considered before.


Personalised Head Gardener Fleece


Head Gardener Fleece

As its Christmas and its getting cold out, your gardening pals are going to need something to keep them warm while they go about doing their winter jobs.

Get them a head gardener fleece and personalise it with their name or initials to show everyone whos boss around here!


For an Indoor Gardener

Lemon Tree Gift

Start them with their very own indoor fruit orchard and bring their green thumbs in for the winter. Our citrus trees are great for keeping indoors in an unheated conservatory or greenhouse. The fragrant blossom and zesty fruits are the perfect things to take into the new year.

The fact that our Lemon Trees can fruit and flower up to 4 times a year makes them one of the most popular citrus varieties to send out over Christmas.


For a Patio Gardener

 Christmas Bay Tree

Know someone who's a gardener at heart but they just don't have the space?

Spice up their patio with a delightful Christmas Bay Tree. Its evergreen so will have the garden looking spruced up and as the aromatic leaves can be used in the cooking its a win, win situation!


Tools for the Garden

Personalised hand tools

Whats a gardener without their tools? We have a range of tools that can be engraved to add that extra personal touch.

Our stainless steel engraved spades, though usually popular with our corporate customers also make very special gifts for Christmas. We have both laser and diamond tip engraving options for the personalisation and it could be engraved with their favourite quote, their name or a date.

A smaller set of tools is the personalised hand tool set. This can be engraved with a name or initial on the handle. A nicely put together gift with an extremely personal feel.


A Foodie Gardener

Apples on a Tree

Is the gardener you know also a fellow foodie? Our range of fruit trees will satisfy both of those needs. Though the deciduous fruit trees are losing their leaves right about now, it's a great time for planting. Also, our cherry and apple trees will provide an abundance of harvest when the next autumn comes around. Enough to make plenty of apple crumbles and cherry pies just in time for next Christmas.

We have a wide range of wonderfully unique Christmas gifts that will suit a range of people.

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