Christmas Gift Guide 2014 - Gifts over £45

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Christmas means many things these days. As well as its roots as a religious holiday, it is also a bit of a break from work or school, a time to indulge in some festive food and drink and of course a time to treat your friends and family to a little gift or two!!


Like a lot of others I'm sure, finding the right gifts is always a challenge. I want the presents I buy people to bring them happiness; to be unique, interesting, meaningful and last a whole lot longer than the Christmas period! No mean feat.
Here at Tree2mydoor, we think we've found the answer... trees! We have brought together our selection of the best tree’s and plants to gift this Christmas in three easy gift guides. So you can find a gift that's perfect for your loved one… and your budget! Thank us later!


Christmas gift guide £45 and over



The Twisted Olive Tree Gift , £49.99

This is a tree to make a statement! Our lovely olive tree’s are evergreen, so are the perfect choice if you are wanting to send a splash of festive colour.

They also and have an elegant twisted stem so will look really special when presented on Christmas day.

If you are looking for a gift with real meaning, then an olive tree is ideal; an olive branch is a symbol of peace.

Send someone you love peace and best wishes for the year ahead. They will get their own supply of lovely olives as an extra bonus!

Christmas olive



The Lemon Tree Gift, £49.99

The lemon tree gift has been a best-seller at Christmas year after year - and for a reason. Who wouldn't want to have their home filled with a lovely citrus scent over the festive period?

Lemon tree’s are evergreen; they make a really smart gift when dressed up in their Christmas gift wrapping. But that's not the best thing about having a lemon tree.  It can flower and fruit up to four times a year, providing a source of fresh lemons all year round! Great for baking, savoury dishes, putting in drinks - it can even be used as a natural cleaning agent!

I can’t think of a better gift for someone who has everything than a versatile lemon tree.

lemon-tree-lifestyle ribbet



The Large Fig Tree, £47.99

"Oh bring us some figgy pudding

And a cup of good cheer”

Figs have a long association with Christmas; in fact this famous Christmas carol dates all the way back to the 17th century.

Our fig tree’s come carefully gift wrapped by hand  in jute and Christmas ribbon, so they make a beautiful gift.

These versatile tree’s can be grown outdoors, or even kept indoors as a large house-plant

This would make an unusual gift for a foodie; I’m sure anyone who likes interested in food would be thrilled at the thought of a home grown supply of fresh figs, to make into salads, tarts, biscuits and of course to eat straight from the tree.

Wish your friends and family a Merry Christmas and send them a fig tree!

christmas fig



The Large Twisted Bay Tree Gift, £129.99

Our large twisted bay tree's are the gift you were hoping to find for that person who deserves something really special this Christmas. This tree has been a firm favourite with our customers around the festive season, and 2014 will be no different.

Bay leaves are amazingly aromatic, which is why they are traditionally used in cooking. This large bay tree makes a lovely ornamental plant for a patio or front doorstep, and will help to create that special festive atmosphere, to welcome family and friends into your home for Christmas day. They come gift wrapped in jute and Christmas ribbon, for that extra special touch.

An eco-friendly gift that will last for up to 20 years

Buy a TwistedBay Tree Gift with Tree2mydoor



The Dwarf Peach Tree, £46.99

Looking for a really unusual gift this Christmas? Have you considered a peach tree? Our Crimson Bonfire peach tree a dwarf variety, which means it is perfect for every size or garden; it can even be grown in a pot!

This would make a lovely gift for someone who likes to spend a lot of time out in the garden in spring and summer, so they can really enjoy the spectacular peach blossom this little tree will produce. The crop of peaches will be ripe by September at the latest, and are a sweet variety with deep red skin.

Bring some summer sunshine to the Christmas period; send a Dwarf Peach tree




The Satsuma Tree, £49.99

Like the idea of giving a citrus tree, but our lovely lemon is not for you? We do a wide range of citrus tree's, but the Satsuma tree is one of my favourites for Christmas. Satsuma tree's are evergreen, and the lovely orange fruit against the deep, glossy green leaves provides a beautiful contrast.

Your Satsuma tree will arrive gift wrapped in jute and Christmas ribbon, ready to fill your house with a lovely citrus scent. The satsuma tree can fruit and flower up to four times a year, providing a source of home-grown fruit for the lucky recipient.

Send someone you love a little citrus magic !

Christmas Satsuma Tree

I hope this has given you a little Christmas inspiration. Look out out for our next gift guide, Gifts under £45, in the next week

Merry Christmas (almost)



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