Spring Gift Ideas - April Birthday Gifts and other Occasions

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It's that time of year again; you will probably have noticed that more and more deciduous plant life is yawning to life after the long winter sleep. I have seen swathes of daffodils in bloom, the leaves on my raspberry canes are slowly unfurling, and trees laden with pink and white blossom catch my eye with increasing regularity.

This years Spring gift guide is designed to navigate you through our pick of the best spring gift ideas; these are the tree’s and plants to send in April and May! Some of them are growing leaves, buds and blossom already, while others will be budding up soon, so we have divided the guide up into handy sections, to make it even easier for you to choose the perfect gift to send for that special spring occasion.

The trees and plants in our Spring gift guide are ideal to send as April birthday gifts, Easter gifts, or even just to bring a little bit of Spring sunshine into someone's life!

Spring Gifts Growing Now ( ie. the beginning of April)


spring bougainvilleaThe Bougainvillea Pyramid Gift

Ornamental Bougainvillea bushes look truly stunning; they have to be some of the cheeriest plants to send as gifts in spring. These lovely bushes are really easy to grow, provided you keep them frost free in winter.

Did you know that the vivid pink parts of the bougainvillea plant look like flowers but are actually leaves. Look really closely and you can see the tiny delicate flowers are white.

If you are looking for April birthday gifts, you really cant go wrong with a Bougainvillea!


spring rasberryThe Raspberry Box Gift

Raspberry are such rewarding plants to grow; they are often some of the earliest fruit bearing plants to show signs of life after winter.

Within the next two weeks, ours will be fully in leaf! Next, the delicate flowers appear in shades of pink/white, before berries appear, slowly ripening in the heat of summer.

This variety of raspberry is called Sugana, and is an 'ever-baring' species of Raspberry, meaning it will fruit twice a year. Plus, each raspberry gift pack contains four raspberry plants - that's a lot of raspberries!


 spring peach blossomThe Dwarf Peach Tree Gift

If you haven't seen peach blossom before then your really in for a treat! The dwarf diamond peach tree grows soft pink flowers that will eventually grow into juicy peaches.

When it comes to this Spring gift, the best things really do come in small packages; this mini tree will grow to just 5 ft. Perfect for growing in small gardens or on a patio.

Send a Dwarf Peach tree as an April birthday gift, and every year the recipient will be rewarded with peach blossom on their birthday.


 Spring Gifts Growing Later ( ie. by the end on April)


spring pear tree The Pear Tree Gift

If you are planning ahead or shopping for an occasion at the end of April, you will want to consider one of our selection of gorgeous pear trees.

Pear trees are generally some of the earliest blossoming fruit trees out there! The plus side to this is that we get to enjoy looking at pear trees covered in white blossom as early as the end of April. On the flip-side, in colder years you may need to provide the tree with a little early Spring TLC to ensure the blossom doesn't get damaged by frost. So worth it!



spring cherry blossom The Stella Cherry Gift

When people think of spring blossom, they are usually imagining cherry blossom, often unwittingly! Cherry blossom is world famous because it grows so densely, and completely transforms the tree into a thing of real beauty.

Sending a Stella cherry tree won't only guarantee the lucky recipient a garden full of fragrant cherry blossom, but also their own supply of fresh and juicy Stella cherries. What a fantastic Spring gift idea!




flowering apple tree
Apple Tree Gift

Our James Grieve Apple trees have a lot going for them. This variety has achieved an RHS award of garden merit - meaning your choosing the best of the best.

But that's not all. Buy a James Grieve apple tree in Spring, and you will get to enjoy the sight and scent of apple blossom, as well as the promise of apples to come.

Send this apple tree in early April, and the recipient will get to see the buds slowly unfurl into blooms.  Send it later in the month for a show stopping gift on arrival!




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