8 Unique Valentines Gifts

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Year after year Valentines day greets us with oversized teddy bears, cheap bunches of flowers and plastic tacky gifts with no real meaning behind them. Unsure of what to get your loved one this Valentines?

Send a gift that is refreshingly different and choose from our top list. of 8 unique valentines gifts.

Make sure to order before 11am on the 13th February for Valentines Day delivery.


Unique Gifts for Valentine’s Day


1) Perfect Match Rose Bush Gift


Perfect Match Rose Bush in the GardenHave you met your perfect match and you want to let them know this Valentines? The Perfect Match Rose Bush Gift will do just that. It will look a bit bare at the moment as it’s still winter but in about 8-10 weeks time you’ll see the buds start to form and in summer you’ll be greeted with beautiful, bright pink blooms that will remind you both that you really are a match made in heaven.

This flowering shrub is also the perfect gift to pop that question “Will you be my Valentine?” A surprise that can be delivered straight to your love fully gift wrapped with a personalised gift card.


2) Crab Apple Tree (The Tree of Love)


Crab Apple tree of loveThe Crab Apple Tree is the perfect unique gift for your Valentine. Known as the ‘Tree of Love’ to the ancient Celts, what could make a better gift on this day of love? Not only that but after a few years when the sapling becomes established you’ll be all set with crab apples for life.

Our saplings are bare at the moment as they are still dormant for winter but in a month or two you will start to see the new leaf buds forming ready the burst open in the spring.


3) Love in a Bag


Send some Love in a Bag todayIf you want to go a little smaller and aren’t looking to spend too much this year then our Love in a bag is the perfect option. It’s a cute little jute bag filled with a beautiful selection of red native wildflower seeds.

Scatter seeds of love in the garden and watch year after year as you get an everlasting bunch of flowers.


4) Oak Tree Gift / Beech Tree Gift

£24.50 each

Oak tree sapling

Looking for a more him and hers type gift? These two UK native trees are the “King and Queen of the Woods”, they stand head and shoulders above the rest.


Send your King a beautiful, strong oak tree gift or your queen stunning, elegant beech tree gift. Like the rose bush, they look a little bare at this time of year as they are dormant for the winter but you can plant them together and watch as the trees and your love grows! Our saplings really are a gift that lasts a lifetime. Both grow to be very large trees so are best suited to larger gardens and landscapes so could be planted in a place that it both special in your hearts.


4) I Love You Bean and Mug Set


I Love You Bean and Mug Gift SetAnother inexpensive option is to go for our I Love You Bean and Mug Set, this gift is little more of a novelty item but will make an immediate impact. The cute printed mug comes with a branded message bean and a sachet of Vermiculite to grow it in. All you need to do is empty the sachet into the mug or little pot, push the bean down just below the surface and add a little bit of water (make sure not to overwater it). Then sit back and wait to keep an eye out for the first peep of a shoot. In some cases, the shell from the bean will grow up with the stalk so it really is like watching love grow!


5) Flowering Magnolia Tree Gifts


Tulip Magnolia Tree BlossomMagnolias are seen as beautiful, feminine trees and are perfect for the special lady in your life. For one week only in the spring, the branches come alive with large, colourful blossoms. Sending a magnolia is a perfectly unique gift alternative to a supermarket-bought bunch of flowers.

We have lots of varieties to choose from too! The Star magnolia produces stark white blooms compared to the medium dark pinks of the Susan Magnolia tree. All our Magnolia trees will arrive in a dormant state, however, in just a few short weeks the blooms will be bursting to life filling the garden.


6) Pink Perfection Flowering Cherry Tree


Pink Perfect Flowering Cherry Tree BlossomNothing says romance more than an abundance of ornate pink blossoms. Our pink perfection cherry tree is a romantic gesture that says “no matter what, you’re perfect to me”.

In around 6-8 weeks the tree from Valentine's delivery, this tree will be overflowing with gorgeous pink blooms, filling both your garden and hearts with love. The blooms last much longer than many other flowering cherries, starting in April and carrying on right through till May. The Pink Perfection variety is a medium-sized tree that will grow upwards in a neat vase-like shape making it a great addition to have in the garden.


7) Pink Lemonade Blueberry Plant


Pink Blueberry Plant Gift

Our pink blueberry plant gift is a unique way to spread some love and brighten up someone's life this Valentines Day. We have to say as soon as we saw this little treasure it stole our heart and we’re sure it will steal yours too!

The fruits will start to appear as green little berries in summer which will then develop pink spots throughout the season and be ready for the picking in late August. An ideal plant for growing in a pot on a patio or decking.


8) Wild Cherry Tree Gift (The Love Tree)


Wild Cherry Blossom

We nicknamed our wild cherry sapling gift the "Love Tree", simply because everyone loves it! Another blossoming tree that will bring delight to the garden in just 6-8 weeks when it burst to life with new leaves and blooms.

This compact tree will be sure to outdo any gift of flowers and chocolates this year. Wild Cherry trees are native to the UK and one of the prettiest trees we have growing on our shores. They don’t grow too big so are ideal for medium to large-sized gardens.


Personalised Greetings Card

Last but not least, don't forget to add a personalised gift card to your order free of charge with a unique message to make the gift truly special. Take a look at our Love and Floral Greetings Cards for the perfect accompaniment.


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