5 Terrifying Easy Outdoor Halloween Decorations

For kids and grown ups alike, Halloween is an undeniably fun day in the Autumn calendar; everyone loves dressing up, sweet treats and a good old scare! Instead of the usual trick or treating or scary films, why not invite your family and friends over this year and throw a Halloween party in the garden?

A late Autumn garden is a great backdrop for giving everyone the spooks. With its bare spindly tree and autumn leaves, your garden will be the perfect setting for a Halloween party. All you'll need are a few terrifyingly easy  DIY Halloween decorations! Here are our top 5 outdoor Halloween decorations that you can make cheaply and easily.

Classic Carved Pumpkins

Carved pumpkins are the classic way to decorate your home and garden for Halloween. There are so many interesting and fun ways to decorate them and the kids will love getting involved! These DIY Halloween decorations also come in useful if you're having an outdoor party; add some tea lights and they become mini lanterns, that can be used to line paths, steps and specific areas of the garden.

Here are some brilliant examples that were entered into our Halloween competition last year, but for more ideas, head to our Trick or Treat Pinterest page:

pumpkin collage

A Grave Situation

Outdoor Halloween decorations don't come better than this! You can easily find cheap plastic skeletons in supermarkets and party shops in the run up to Halloween. These spooky graves are one of the easiest DIY Halloween decorations we have come across - you don't even have to get out the spade!

halloween garden

Glowing in the Dark

Glow sticks have been reinvented as the perfect way to up the scare factor this Halloween.

If you have a pond, all you need is some latex gloves. Insert a glowstick into each, blow then up and tie like balloons to make bloated hands to float in the water. Another great idea is to make luminous animal eyes with some old toilet rolls. Just cut out different eye shapes, insert a glow stick into the tube and tape up the ends, before hiding the glowing eyes in bushes in the garden. As night begins to fall, the glowing eyes will get brighter and brighter...

glow stick halloween


Shrunken Heads a Bobbin'

Apple bobbing is a traditional game often played on Halloween which dates back to the Roman invasion of Britain. We love Martha Stewart's idea for giving apple bobbing a terrifying twist - turn your apples into shrunken heads! Find out how to create your shrunken heads here.

Float your shrunken heads in cider if  your party is for adults, or alternatively, use water for more traditional apple bobbing for the kids.


Ghostly Leaf -ings

There are so many autumn leaves falling at this time of year, why not utilise them to create some cheap Halloween decorations? Ok, these little white ghosts probably wont have anyone trembling under the covers in fear, but they do look rather lovely strung up around the garden as ghostly bunting!

All you need is some cheap white paint, some googly eyes, a black marker and some ribbon.

leaf ghosts halloween

If you would even more Halloween inspiration, head to our 'Trick or Treat' Pinterest page.

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