The 12 Tree Gifts of Christmas

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Christmas is well and truly on our doorstep we have a fantastic filled ‘12 days of Christmas gifts guide’ packed to the brim with exactly what treats you should be buying your loved ones this festive period. 

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We know this Christmas guide will make your shopping a lot easier, you can find plenty of unusual Christmas gifts, Christmas is a great time to send a tree or plant - they make gifts that will last longer than just Christmas and can be a constant reminder throughout the year of the Christmas period and what a fantastic occasion it is.

So akin to the very traditional and festive song ‘12 Days of Christmas’ we have compiled a Tree2mydoor version: ‘12 Tree Gifts of Christmas’


Send a Unique Tree Gift this Christmas


1st Tree Gift of Christmas

Christmas Holly Tree Gift


Image of a Christmas Holly Tree Gift wrapped in Christmas wrap


Holly is the ultimate plant to send at Christmas and this iconic evergreen tree will last longer than just Christmas.

The spiny leaves are a dark emerald green colour making it look even more festive and providing a rich contrast to the bright red berries and the rest of the garden.

This is the perfect Christmas Gift for Gardeners who want their garden to look bright year-round. As it's native to the UK, it’s easy to look after too. Friends and family will be able to sit back as the tree practically takes care of itself throughout the winter. It can withstand temperatures of up to -15 degrees Celsius. Although we really hope it doesn’t get that cold this year!


2nd Tree Gift of Christmas

Lemon Tree Gift


Image of a Christmas Lemon Tree Gift wrapped in Christmas wrap


This citrus tree has always been a popular choice for our customers at Christmas time. It not only makes an unusual Christmas gift but will remain a useful addition to the home for many years to come.

The tree is evergreen and will fruit and flower several times a year meaning loved ones can reap what they sow. In the UK, our Lemon Tree Gift fairs well indoors, it will happily live in a porch, conservatory or greenhouse where it can enjoy plenty of natural light.

Bear in mind this plant does not like to be near any central heating and can go outside in the summer if placed in a warm, sunny spot of the garden. We think it is more commonly bought to add to those weekend tipples of Gin, after all, it wouldn’t be the same without a slice of Lemon. The useful gift can make a particularly fantastic festive drink Hot Buttered Rum - take a look at our recipe!


3rd Tree Gift of Christmas

Satsuma Tree Gift


The satsuma is the most traditional citrus staple of Christmas they will be spread across many Christmas kitchens for a good while and children, parents and grandparents will be enjoying them all over the UK. So why not let those nearest and dearest to you grow their own and enjoy looking after the plant throughout the year and for many years to come.

This is another evergreen tree perfect to keep in a conservatory or kitchen during the cold winter months, ready to be put on your decking or patio during our lovely British summers. The Satsuma will require slightly more attention than other plants - so give it to the true gardener amongst you, it will bring plenty of joy to them as it can fruit up to four times a year.

Here is a fantastic Mulled Wine recipe to put those satsumas to use.


4th tree gift of Christmas

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree Gift


image of a Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree Gift wrapped in Christmas wrap


Sticking with the indoor theme for just a little longer, our Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree makes the perfect Christmas Gift for a Plant Lover. If you have a plant fanatic in your life then they will love to add this large indoor plant to their living room or bedroom. We think it looks fabulous when placed on the floor to turn a drab space into a lush, urban jungle.
Delivered in a recycled white plastic pot, this plant not only brings tropical style but helps with indoor air quality and the well being of the home. This particular variety is easy to look after, even for those people with less than green-fingers.

We have a fantastic range of Indoor Plant Gifts that can be delivered in time for Christmas, we know plenty of people who will be after one of these this year so get your hands on one while you can!


5th Tree gift of Christmas

Christmas Olive Tree Gift


Image of a Christmas Olive Tree Gift wrapped in Christmas wrap


The olive tree is the perfect Eco Christmas gift for those who not only love their garden but love their food. The delightful olives that will spring from this tree is a luxury enjoyed by many and we think one should seize the opportunity to grow a Mediterranean delight in the UK. 

The olive tree makes a lovely addition to the garden as well as the kitchen, it likes to be kept in a pot. Buy an Olive Tree and give someone special their very own "Peace Tree" and celebrate new beginnings with nature’s oldest tree.

Olives are very hardy although will need some protection from frost and very cold temperatures. 

This Christmas gift is perfect for those loved ones who like their kitchen and are perhaps a garden newbie as it will not require too much looking after, only in the winter.

We have a fantastically festive recipe for olives too.


6th Tree gift of Christmas

Christmas Bay Tree Gift


Image of a Christmas Bay Tree Gift wrapped in Christmas wrap


This eco-friendly gift has a similarity to the Christmas Olive tree, perfect for Garden and Kitchen lovers all around. 

They are again easy to look after and suit being potted in pairs. They make a great Christmas gift for fellow foodies that enjoy far eastern cuisine, in which Bay’s are often traditionally used. They provide a statement of flavour and so you should provide a statement gift to a special person this Christmas.

They won’t require much looking after either the Bay tree is perfect for those who don't have much space. Remember to protect in winter as cold winds and frost can be damaging. Bay Trees are evergreen and native to the shores of the Mediterranean.


7th Tree gift of Christmas

Yuletide Camellia Gift


Image of a Yuletide Camellia Gift wrapped in Christmas wrap


The Yuletide Camellia could not be a more perfect idea, it is festive, unique, personal and something that will last a lot longer than the festive period. A Christmas Plant can bring joy to any member of the family at Christmas.

The Yuletide Camellia is a classic festive, fiery red, with a beautiful yellow centre, the Yuletide Camellia is perfect to brighten up any winter garden. The bright blossoms stand out against its evergreen and glossy foliage to make a stunning and wonderful plant.

The Yuletide Camellia is best planted in the sun and partial shade. The Camellia should flourish around mid-February to May time. Perfect to put add a bright patch to any winter garden. A great substitute for the Rose that won't usually flourish until Spring!


8th Tree gift of Christmas

Star Magnolia Tree Gift


Image of a Star Magnolia Tree Gift wrapped in Christmas wrap


The Star Magnolia Tree has also been a popular festive choice, mainly because it flourishes into such a beautiful tree, something which is suited to a larger garden as this magnolia can grow to a height of 25ft! The Star Magnolia bears stark white flowers with an array of delicate petals. The fragrance will explode mid Spring to midsummer.

The Star Magnolia Trees Latin name is Magnolia x stellata and will prefer to be in a protected area, as they can be subject to some damage by freezing weather. Please bear in mind that this product is deciduous and without foliage at this time of the year.


9th Tree Gift of Christmas

Dwarf Pear Tree Gift


Conference Pear Tree

It wouldn’t be the 12 trees of Christmas without a pear tree, this pear tree is suitable for large and medium-sized gardens as it grows to a height of 2m (6.5ft).

This pear tree will produce fantastic rewards for your recipient to enjoy for a long time and the pears ripen from September onwards each year. The conference variety is a heavy cropper and does well in our UK gardens without much maintenance.

Send a pear tree this Christmas to someone with a love for fruit. They could even try out one of our festive pear salad recipes next year with the crop they harvest.


10th Tree Gift of Christmas

Berry Box Gift


Berry Box Gift

We all love berries at Christmas and this is the perfect Christmas perfect gift for any Berry lovers in your family. Suitable for all sizes of gardens and good for decking and patios this makes a versatile gift.

We recommend planting the fruit bushes into large pots or into borders where they can grow bigger and produce a lot more fruit. Blackberries are ready for picking in August - September and the Blackberries will be ready in mid-July - August each year.

The opportunities are endless with this Berry Box, if you have someone who loves baking this would be perfect the berries taste great in pies and crumbles and also make some fantastic jam. Perhaps for the more adventurous people on your Christmas list, you could challenge them to make you some wine! Please bear in mind that this product is deciduous and without foliage at this time of the year.


11th Tree gift of Christmas


Red Wine Japanese Maple Tree Gift

red wine jaoanese maple tree gift

The Red Wine Japanese Maple takes root with Beauty and Magnificence, the bold red colouring during the height of summer adding a splash of colour to any garden. The passion associated with its deep red leaves and the grace with which it stands express a contrast of beauty and passion.

The changes in colouring towards the Autumn when the tree explodes into a luminous burst of red highlights, new leaves of green with older leaves shining in a red glow. 

Our Acers will live a very happy life in partial shade and moist soil. The tree is dormant at the moment making it an even better Christmas gift as no damage will be done moving the tree around! Please bear in mind that this product is deciduous and without foliage at this time of the year.


12th tree gift of Christmas

Small Fig Tree Gift


Image of a Small Fig Tree Gift wrapped in Christmas wrap


The Brown Turkey Fig is a hardy tree that grows well in our colder British climate. It is a deciduous tree and loses its leaves in the winter. The sweet fleshy fruit is actually the flower of the tree and is ready for picking in July-August. 

Another perfect Christmas delight to enjoy this year and for many years to come, give someone the chance to enjoy producing their own special home-grown figs. Send a Fig Tree gift and let them make their very own Fig Rolls! Please bear in mind that this product is deciduous and without foliage at this time of the year.


We hope you have enjoyed our blog and it has perhaps helped you decide which trees to buy your family and friends this year. Tweet us to tell us which is your favourite or tell us over on Facebook.

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